Thursday, March 21, 2013

In the Beginning . . .

Birds may have had four wings Evidence suggests that at least several species sported wings on their feet. Researchers postulate that the wings were stiff and possess enough surface area to help the bird in flight, though it is not certain they did. They may sported them for any number of reasons, stabilizers in flight, to attract a mate, who knows.

Great read at Live Science.

We need to get on with extracting DNA where ever we can and recreating these creatures so we can watch them. They are working hard toward extracting DNA from bones, if they can manage that (I keep using the word They, because I certainly can't and I assume there are some people out that qualify as the They), then we can bring all this stuff back to life.

This would help us solve the problem of instinct and determine whether it is indeed imprinted upon our DNA, which I suspect it is.

And if all this came to pass, the world would be something like this:

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