Friday, March 29, 2013


The Liberian Civil War began in 1989 and lasted off and on for years. It was particularly brutal and included some of the most bizarre and strange people to have walked the earth. In the midst of mind numbing brutality men rose to the fore to command legions of wild eyed, drug crazed armies, many composed of children. In their midst was the Prince, Charles Taylor, crazy generals like Mosquito and Mosquito Spray.

But above them all towered the utter chaos and evil terror of General Butt Naked. He led a band of soldier, again many children, in battle for several years. Before each battle he and his cohort would strip off their clothes, leaving only shoes on their feet, take up their weapons and charge into battle. But before that the general would kid nap a child, murder it, drink its blood and feed the child to his troops.

They were merciless on the field of slaughter which they commanded so well.

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The General has recanted his evil and works now as the founder of an evangelical church in Liberia helping the poor and victims of the war. Many of his remaining cohorts have joined him. There is no doubt, of course, that if the war erupts again the General will rise again.

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