Monday, December 31, 2012

Word of the Day -- Dunderhead

Not literally, but probably metaphorically, thunder head is kin to dunce, or numbskull. From thunder, at some point, we got dunder.  It's thought that a thunder strike would knock you temporarily stunned, or "dumb" and thus the combination of thunder to dunder and head.  So if you are a dunderhead, you are thought to be either dumb or at the very least dumbfounded.  Origin is interestingly not very complete, dating back to the early 17th century.  What is clear, however, is that the word is losing it's power and usage.  It's one of those words we sort of know, but rarely use.  So the next time you see someone acting like a fool, call out to them: "Dunderhead!"  Help us save the word. :-)  Have a Happy New Year's eve everyone, we'll see you in the new year!  Tim

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