Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Horn

There is something about horns. Boromir carries the Horn of Gondon in battle and sounds it when in need. The horns over the fields of Pellinor (Lord of the Rings, ride of the Rohirrim) remain one of the best moments in fantasy literature.

The sound of the horn in the dark lets all know that someone is on watch and they have called. It is the hand in the darkness. On the trail it calls comrades to us to drive the hunt. In times of danger it is the link that binds us.

post script: Apocalypse tomorrow and I have no bloody horn.


James MacGeorge said...

I hope you got in on this -

eric said...

I think there was an Anglo-Saxon law: if you are lost, you must blow your horn (or shout) 3 times, else be considered a bandit.