Friday, December 21, 2012


A theory has been put forward that proposes the human hand evolved as a fighting tool. This an interesting hypothesis. They theorize the manner in which we can make a fist allows us to buttress the fingers making the hand a potent weapon. Other primates cannot do this. Its an interesting read, you can see the paper here.

The conclusion is quiet entertaining, 

"There appears to be a paradox in the evolution of the human hand. It is arguably our most important anatomical weapon, used to threaten, beat and sometimes kill to resolve a conflict. Yet it is also the part of our musculoskeletal system that crafts and uses delicate tools, plays musical instruments, produces art, conveys complex intentions and emotions, and nurtures.”

There seems to be no paradox. The hand evolved and it has proven a most apt of evolutionary mutation; an appendage that can be used for a weapon and the creation of tools, both important ones and, well, not-so important ones. Hence our ability to thrive for so long.

This does play into my hypotheses that our species is designed to be hunters and fighters, not candlestick makers.

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