Thursday, December 22, 2011

This is a Dwarf Tune!

Though I loved the original animated Hobbit, and the music is pretty darn cool, I've always considered Dwarves in a slightly more serious light . . . more as Tolkien portrayed them in the Silmarillian. This is a decent reference, though I don't think it is a quoate from the book, it comes from this site

"Azaghâl and his army fought with fierce iron masks on, and they were able to resist the fire far better than any Elf or Man. Then Glaurung trampled Azaghâl beneath his feet, but Azaghâl ran a dagger through Glaurung's stomach, and the dragon fled in pain, screaming. With him fled many of the host of Morgoth. In a solemn ceremony the Dwarves picked up their fallen leader, forgetting about the battle, and they marched him home, in a great procession. Their wrath was so great that none troubled them" 

Also, how Thorin is portrayed in the battles of Moria and where he earned his name Oakenshield. At any rate, this version of the poem/song from the upcoming movie is just bad ass:

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Fredrik Hansson said...

I agree, I dont know what it is but that song makes the hairs on my arms stand on edge. Shows how big a geek I am after all I guess.