Monday, December 19, 2011

Common Features . . .

Cromlech: An arrangement of stones in a circular pattern. They often have dolmen’s at their center. The cromlech marks important dolmens as well as religious sites. The cromlech often marks astrological directions or ‘points’ in one direction or another.

Dolmen: An ediface that consists of at least two upright stones with one large stone braced on top. They are often covered with dirt, or mounds of smaller stones, creating a barrow. The dolmen may also serve as home, gathering place, markers for a holy sight, or landmarks, etc.

Howe: Another term for a tumuli, but the builder digs the earth out, making a hollow place upon with the tumuli is constructed. The Howe is almost always made for wealthy members of society, nobles, lords, etc.

Tumuli: A large burial mound or chamber consisting of earth, stone and timber; usually a gigantic dolmen. These may contain the burials of more then one individual. The interior chamber is much more elaborate than a dolmen, often with made of timber or stone.

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