Monday, November 14, 2011

How the elf is like a honey badger

Or, imagine a new elf!

The elf don't care. He's immortal so he could just care less about all them mortals wandering around. He don't care about the woods, the animals, the good or the evil. The elf just exists to eat meat and drink wine - fine wines and good meat. The elf takes what he wants when he wants it cause he knows it will be gone soon. He'll cut down a whole forest to get a stag because he knows its coming back. He's an holy death dealer on the battlefield because he's been fighting crap f-o-r-e-v-e-r. He don't care know more about nothing because because its all going away anyway. All he wants to do is drink a fine wine and eat a good slab of meat before the next lout tries to take something from the elf - notably his wine and meat. The elf will build a big castle as often as not. He's knows it will fall down someday so might as well live in a tree. The elf like pretty things because so much of the world is full of ugly crud and he gets tired of looking at it. Sometimes, the elf gets so tired of looking at ugly stuff he just burns it down, knowcks it down or finds some other method of destroying it.

I'm liking this elf.

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