Friday, October 14, 2011


The CKG is at last in stock. And now with a full printing from Walsworth should be in stock for awhile. As many of you know we could not keep this book in print through the use of our own print shop. The demand kept it constantly out of stock so we sent it to Walswoth to do a full on print run. The books arrived today and they look wonderful! Walsworth did its normal bang up job!

To celebrate we are waiving Shipping Fees!


DRANCE said...

Nice! Congrats! Hey, when you guys get a chance, can you send some of the latest materials, specifically the newest modules like A8, out to All Things Fun in South Jersey? Pretty please? ;-)

Stephen Chenault said...

I talked to Ed Friday. He gave me a shout out of the blue, so with a little luck we'll get some material in there right quick!