Thursday, July 07, 2011

Scientist confrm - Universe if Evil

Evil I say, Evil

Cosmic 'Axis of Evil': Masses of Universe's Largest Objects Appear to Depend On Which Method Is Used to Weigh Them

The article in question discusses galaxy cluster weight differences. The differences result from comparisons of three different measurement methods.  This calls into question gravity as it is currently understood with,

the prospect of a new cluster population which responds differently was a 'frightening prospect' because it overturns age old ideas about the gravitational physics being the same from cluster to cluster.
Evil is inherent in the system.

That, or the current conception of gravity is wrong. My personal opinion you ask! Gravity acts differently at scale. So, Einstein correctly defined gravity at 'X' scale but, perhaps due to its nature, gravity works slightly different on big scales and small scales. The sum is more than its parts type thing.

Then again, maybe the universe is sentient and sending us a message...

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