Thursday, June 16, 2011


So, I was over at Steve's last night explaining that I needed some books for "research."

"I need some Conan, Elric, John Carter and Kain stuff. You know, know, those old stories."

"What kind of research are you doing?" Steve inquired with not a little hint of sarcasm.

"Oh you know, the writing kind."

He allowed me to take a few books. So I sat down with the first book of Elric and started reading. What a good book. I had forgotten that the Elric series is such a great tale. I sat up half the night reading. Good gaming fodder.

Elric, Conan and Kain did more to inform my gaming than any other piece of fiction.


Jennifer said...

May I also recommend "Nift the Lean". It has been a favorite of my husband's since his youth. I read the first novella in the book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Can't wait to finish the others.

DRANCE said...

Sounds like my kind of research! ;-) Have fun with that. By the way, you should throw in some Fafhrd and Grey Mouser reading for good measure!

troll said...

I have not thought of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser in ages. I need to just line up some books and start reading again. Thieve's World is more good fodder.

Never even heard of Nifft the Lean. So, I did some checking and - HOLY COW - did you see the cost at Amazon? I talked Steve into getting the 9.50 copy hahaha. More research I explained. Looks good though and also my cup of depressing tea.

Gormenghast - another good set of books.