Monday, April 25, 2011

Motion Detected

As many of you may have heard Tim Burns has stepped down due to other previous commitments. Though what in the world could be more important that talking about Kim Hartsfield's Dark Journey is beyond me. Tim did a huge amount of back breaking work in a very short period of time and we will always owe him a great deal.

Of course one thing he did was restart this blog, that I had thankfully forgotten about and never posted on. And apparently its a good place to talk to people. So I'll try to take over the helm from him and see where it leads us.

I have decided to do a little shaking up around here. Davis and I had a nice long discussion last week about what we are doing and what we want to do (he's deeply involved in the Inzae setting right now). There are several ongoing projects we want to put a wrap on and others we would like to sink our teeth into. But most notably we are going to unplug the print shop from outside work and focus on Castles & Crusades, Airhde and building this whole band wagon. Too often, my time and the shops time is consumed by tons of outside, work that may pay well, but in the end detracts from TLG's focus.

After this I will start cherry picking projects that continue to languish in the dust bins and either resurrect them and get them finished or pull them from the line entirely. To this end we are hammering on the maps for the World of Aihrde first. These have been mostly done for some time and only needed more from me and Peter Bradley's fabulous layout. All this is of course preparatory to getting the Codex of Aihrde re-written.  I'm not sure what will be next, probably A8, but as we unravel it, we'll keep you posted here and everywhere else.


DRANCE said...

Hey Steve, sorry to hear about Tim. I wish him best of luck in all things! As for keeping the blog going, I know that heavy is the head that wears the crown. So that means you probably won't have time to post much, but as a true TL loyalist, I think I speak for many of us out here that it's nice to hear every once in a while from our favorite game designers. I don't think you have to blog daily, but just having a bit of news a few times a week is usually great! Can't wait to read more!

- Anthony from South Jersey (a.k.a. Drance)

trolllordgames said...

Hey Anthony!

Thanks for the good word! I'm going to try to incorporate the blog into my weekly routine, one or two posts at least a week. Tim has it set up so that its pretty easy to do, and that helps. But its also a very easy, accessible format for me to ramble on about what we are on about here. ha.