Friday, October 31, 2008


I worked on the schedule for the better part of the day (though I have to confess I took an extended lunch break and watched an episode or two of Trailer Park Boys...that show just makes me happy!). I have laid out the next 6 months. I'm presently parsing through the covers and ad copy. Hopefully I'll some of this up and over to Brian for some much needed updates over the weekend. We have info on CKG, A6, A7 Halls of Adventure and Crusader 15 up first. That's December, January and February. March will bring A8, Casey Christofferson's Black Librum and April is a big one with Players Handbook (4), Monsters & Treasure (3), A9 and an unknown book but one you'll be much excited about when I finalize it.

I would link all those but I'm too tired. I'll go back through and link when we have new info on them. :)

Swords and Sorcery is going to be a whole lota things. We are in the concept stages of a comic strip and an RPG. So look for more along those lines.

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